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PFM Smart

Cloud Computing

PFM Smart System is designed to be hosted in both in-premises and Cloud servers. Our architecture for could hosting is designed to ensure full security and total ownership of data. We provide two models of Cloud hosting:

  1. Real-Time Mirroring where the data is mirrored from the Cloud to local servers in real-time manner.

  2. Automated Daily Backup, where the data is automatically copied to local servers after office hours.

With our cloud hosting option, the Government can benefit from the features of cloud computing as follows:

  • Ensure high availability of the system

  • Fully managed server and do not require to recruit expensive specialized technical expertise locally

  • Cost effective with high efficiency

  • Does not need to invest on specialized and equipped data centers

  • Less operational cost

  • High security of data

Off-Network Model

We provide solutions to remote areas where connectivity to main servers is weak or missing using the Off-Network model. This model allows the users in remote areas to use the system locally with the capability to synchronize the data with the main servers when connectivity is available.

Cloud Computing Model.png
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